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What We Do

At OG Designs, we specialize in creating high-quality custom name signs for your
home or business. From classic wooden signs to modern acrylic designs, we have
the expertise and creativity to bring your vision to life.

You Dream It, We Build It

Our vision is to make the art of custom woodworking accessible to everyone. We believe that the beauty and uniqueness of handcrafted woodwork should not be limited to those with extensive resources or experience.

Our affordable CNC woodworking services allow us to create beautiful and customized pieces for clients of all backgrounds. We want to provide a platform for individuals to express their creativity and bring their visions to life through the use of high-quality materials and advanced machinery.

We want to be a part of the journey for anyone who wants to add a personal touch to their living spaces, create unique pieces of furniture, or showcase their own designs. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to bring their ideas to life and that affordability should not be a barrier to that.

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